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František Xaver Naske - bathing

Category: Paintings
Time period: 1936

26 000 ,- CZK


Oil on canvas, signed lower right, modern frame. F. X. Naske was born June 2, 1884 in Prague and died August 22, 1959 in Prague. He was a painter, decorator, illustrator. He gained his first experience in utility graphics with Karel Reisner. In the years 1901-1907 he graduated from the Academy of Arts under the leadership of Professor Roubalik and Professor Schwaigra. He made many trips abroad - the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom. He painted portraits of prominent personalities. He also designed costumes and masks. Size - 70x50cm (56x36cm)

Fotografie 1 Fotografie 2 Fotografie 3

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